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About root canal treatment

The purpose with root canal treatment is to close the infected or decayed tooth root canal system in a bacteria-free and perfectly hermetic way. If this is not successful, pathogens can multiply in these cavities and chronic inflammation can occur. The inflammed tooth can behave as a bacterial hub for the body causing dermatologic problems, arthritis and heart problems.

To the most accurate diagnosis it is essetnial to use the  three-dimensional X-ray CT, which today reveals such anatomical details that have been previously undetectable (number of root canals, their direction, extent of inflammation, localization).

The tooth to be root treated and its immediate surroundings are considered surgical area and therefore to reach perfect sterility saliva dam (rubber dam) is used in all cases.

To prepare a perfect and hermetic root filling it is essential to know the exact length of the root, so an electrical appliance (ApexLocator) is used to determine root canal length.

Root canal is actually performed with the latest Nickel-Titanium  tools, which are faster, more efficient and safer than manual removal. Depending on the case, we can choose from a variety of root canal filling techniques from the traditional condensation techniques to the electrochemical methods of the molecular Depothphorese root treatment process. In the Depothphorese process disinfecting material is migrated via iontophoresis in the root canal even to such places, where treatment using needles were unable to reach. Therefore, it can provide ultimate solution for impassable root canals or the heavily infected ones.

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