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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

A harmonious and beatuiful smile is an ornament of the face, it is a nice sign towards other people, which transmits that this person is extrovert, neat, and it is a message of internal beauty. Shape, colour, size and position of teeth is of decisive importance in creating this harmony.

Design Frontal teeth structure  - Smile design

In many cases in consequence of innate features, injuries, or unsuccessful dental restorations, harmony of face and frontal teeth is not ideal, and well-balanced. First we design shape, position and colour of the teeth, together with the patient and the dental technician, then we build models in the mouth and form the final outline.

Aesthetic tooth coloured filling - (Invisible fillings)

„Invisible” restorations can be made by using the most modern aesthetic filling materials, which have several shades.

Teeth whitening

Before a lasting teeth whitening without side effects, you should undergo a thorough dental, and mouth hygienic examination. In the majority of cases, having done the above mentioned treatments, using a well-selected coloured filling material, a much brighter shaded smile can be reached than the original colour. If patient is not yet satisfied with the look, and would like to continue teeth whitening, then can come a treatment customized by the dentist, which suits the patient’s demands.

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