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Dental restauration

Replacment of missing teeth mean such aesthetic rehabilitation that can involve quick and simple or more complex interventions. In case of proper dental situation grinding may not be necessary or even  teeth does not always require crown.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns, Bridges

We make porcelain fused to base metal and precious metal frame (gold) crowns and bridges. It is possible to cover porcelain layer by VITA 3 D shade matching system, reproducing even more optical qualities of natural teeth.

Metal-free inlays crowns, veneers

In aesthetically highlighted areas (front region), and because of increasing metal allergy, metal-free dental restorations are spreading more and more.

Metal-free bridges

Shorter missing teeth – one, or two missing teeth – are possible to restore by bridges made of porelain only, or of hybrid-plastic reinforced with glass-fibre. It can be made in a dental technician’s laboratory using press technology, or at the dentist’s office using CAD/CAM procedure.  In case of restorations which bridge over more extended, or wider teeth missing, a porcelain veneer burnt on a strong frame makes sure that dental restoration meet both requirements of durability and aesthetic.
We make zirconium dioxide and aluminium dioxide frames using CAD/CAM technology. These frames have excellent qualities of material and are biocompatible, and due to its natural shade a more lifelike, aesthetically higher levelled porcelain layer can be reached.

Combined dental restorations (fixed + removable)

In cases, where the number of missing teeth is considerable, a fixed restoration can not be prepared any more. If the remaining teeth are stable, and can be loaded, a special crown or bridge replacement is bonded definitively.

Ezeket speciális lenyomat-technika és arcíves harapás-regisztráció alapján készítjük IVOCLAR technológiával. Az így elkészült fogsorok maximálisan kihasználják az anatómiai adottságokat, a klinikai szituációt, olyan rögzítettség illetve a komfortérzet érhető el, hogy fogsorragasztó használata nélkül akár egy almába is bele tud harapni.

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