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1062 Budapest, Délibáb utca 30.
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Dr. Poduszló Ernő - orthodontics specialist


Children’s dentistry, orthodontics, gnathology


Dental School of Semmelweis University ( 1981-1986 )


Dental and oral diseases Specialist - 1991
Pediatric Dentistry  -1998
Orthodontics - 2004
Dentistry and prosthodontics - 2007


Hungarian Medical Chamber, Dentists Section

I'm Dr. Erno Poduszlo, I graduated at the Semmelweis University Budapest, Faculty of Dentistry on 20 June 1986. I worked as a regional dentist until the end of 1990, I was responsible for the dental care 10 villages population belonging to the Aggtelek National Park. From 1 January, 1991 I went to work to the Miskolc Semmelweis Hospital Children Dentistry. Meanwhile, I continued private practice since 1989 also in Miskolc. In 1993 I came to live and work in Budapest. My primary interest is the field of orthodontics.

Few words about orthodontics (beliefs and misconceptions) ...

Today, orthodontics is not restricted to any age, we distinguish the fields of early childhood, childhood, young adult  and adult orthodontics.

In early childhood (approx. 8 years old) orthodontics attempts to transfer the bad habits with education. Thumb sucking, for example, is a bad habit causing very serious jaw deformities (gothic palate). At this age, in 90% of the cases I personally recommend a removable device. Keeping clean a glued (fixed, multiband) orthodontic appliance requires a rather serious oral hygiene and a precise brushing for which this age group is not yet mature enough. On the other hand, we try to reduce the wear time of a fixed device to the shortest possible time.

In the case of children and young adults (between approx. 8-18 years) we mostly start with a removable device and in the vast majority of cases we continue treatment with a fixed device. Orthodontics does not only do a  regulation of teeth, but also sets the position of  lower and upper jaws in relation to one another, so actually jaw positioning is also performed. (For example, it can broaden the arch, lift up a patient’s bite or it closes an open bite).

The proper positioning of jaws can be started even with growing young children with removable devices. Such devices are for example Hansa Myobrace. With these devices, we head off a much smaller force than a fixed device, so we do not intervene "roughly" into the original development of teeth, but we simply shepherd it in the right direction.

From the age of 14, in the vast majority of  cases we can only apply multiband device (worn glued day and night), also arch widening possibilities had already decreased, so the treatment must often be combined with tooth extraction too. This is one of the reasons why among others panoramic radiograph and full X-ray or CT recordings are necessary before the treatment, because we can prepare a treatment plan after the evaluation of these and on the basis of  a plaster model made from the impressions taken. Based on proper measurements and evaluation, we can tell in advance whether to complete the treatment will require tooth extractions or not.

Finally, here is a word of advice: if you see that your teeth are fine, but lower front teeth slightly started to get "misaligned", do not hesitate to see the dentist because the situation may get worse. (The vast majority of lesions is caused by wisdom teeth, but this situation can be tackled.)

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