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3D dental CT

3D X-ray Dental CT Scan

Exact diagnosis is the basis of successful therapy. In our surgery a special x-ray room provides high-tech help for outlining an effective and all-inclusive dental treatment plan.

Galileos 3-D X-ray Dental CT Scan takes 200 exposures, in a low-dose 3D scan of 7,5 seconds – we receive 3-dimension images of patient’s lower and upper mandible, teeth, and of the whole masticatory apparatus as such in full detail.

It is almost possible to scan the problematical area of teeth, mandible and maxilla in layers of 1 millimetre, including formulas of facial sinus cavities and nasal cavity, too. This enables us to  choose the most effective therapy helping quick recovery. This full detail 3D Scan is the best diagnostic tool for discovering centres of infections.

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